Dandruff is generally small pieces of dead skin on the scalp.
Skin cells of the scalp die everyday, thus a little flaking on an everyday basis is normal. Dandruff effects more than half of the population. This causes itching on the scalp, which usually worsens in the winter time.
The causes may be bad climate, sweat, poor hygiene, harsh shampoos, shampooing everyday, scalp infections, psoriasis, etc.
People use special shampoos meant for fighting dandruff, or scalp lotions, etc, but they just wash off the already chipped/ flaked dandruff from the surface of the scalp, they do not stop the chipping or flaking altogether.
Traditional Chinese medicine considers excessive dandruff to be a result of insufficient blood being available to moisten the skin, an unhealthy condition of the lungs, and excessive heat in the body. consumption of too much alcohol, coffee, and spicy, deep-fried, and greasy foods can cause dandruff. The diet that nourishes the blood consists of fresh green


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