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Akshar Wellness is an alternative therapy clinic located at kothaguda, Hyderabad. We help people address medical and lifestyle related issues using natural non-invasive methods like Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibution, Reflexology, Acupressure, Tuina, Shiatsu etc.

Most of the problems which people face today are due to stress and hectic schedules meeting deadlines day in and day out. In times like this it is not easy to unwind and let the body heal naturally. Lack of time and lack of mind space result in over exertion that surface as health problems.

Akshar Wellness plays the role of a facilitator in helping the body find its natural pace using the age old methods to restore balance of energy.

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02. CUPPING Cupping therapy is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on the movement of blood, energy and fluids in order to remove stagnation and ease movement, eliminating tightness in the muscles.
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03. ACUPRESSURE Acupressure is a form of alternative therapy. Acupoints are areas on the body which alter energy as required and pressure is applied on these points using fingers, palms, elbows, probes and electric stimulation.
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04. THAI YOGA THERAPY Thai Yoga Therapy is a dynamic bodywork therapy which integrates traditional thai massage and yoga to ease movement and aid in lymphatic drinage and local blood circulation.
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05. BACK CHAIR MASSAGE Back chair reflexology is a style of seated massage that focuses on the pressure points and points prone to muscular tension on the back, neck, shoulders and arms.
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06. FOOT REFLEXOLOGY Foot Reflexology is an integration of massage and acupoints on the feet, working for correcting simple ailments and balancing energy in other parts of the body, by applying pressure with thumb, finger and hand techniques.
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07. HEAD MASSAGE Head massage, which includes massaging the head, neck and shoulders, relieves tension in the tight muscles of the head (occipitofrontalis muscle) and the neck and provides stimulation to hair follicles and promotes relaxation.
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08. CHINESE FACIAL Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that has been touted for its incredible beauty and healing effects, namely in preventing and treating the signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, dark circles, and for promoting overall skin rejuvenation from the inside out.
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09. MOXIBUSTION Moxibustion is a complimentary therapy which uses a dried herb ‘moxa’, which is lit/ heated and held close to the acupoints or areas of tenderness or pain and infection. It helps ease pain in the area, promotes circulation of blood and Qi, fights local infections and balances the energies.
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10. AYURVEDIC FACIAL Ayurvedic facial includes cleansing the face with sesame oil, scrub made out of almonds or white mustard soaked in cow milk (dried)
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11. CAVITATION One of the latest developments in the treatment of cellulite is ultrasound cavitation. Extremely effective, it can reduce* cellulite and fat on the body. This technique uses machines that are able to direct high energy waves
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12. DORN THERAPY Developed in Germany about 40 years ago and widely used in Europe the DORN Method consists of a range of unique manual techniques and exercises to help joints and vertebrae align into their natural position.
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13. DETOX CARE (FAR INFRARED SAUNA) Detox from a far infrared sauna is 7-10 times greater than a conventional sauna. In a conventional sauna the average person sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water. In a far infrared sauna the average person sweats out 20% of toxins and 80% of water.
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14. HIFU HIFU Therapy is a safe, non-surgical ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your skin. The treatment uses the body’s own regenerative response to gently and gradually lift skin on the eyebrow, under the chin and on the neck, and smooth lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.
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15. MICRO NEEDLE THERAPY The primary appeal of microneedling is its ability to stimulate growth of collagen and elastin, which is the key to new, youthful-looking skin. Some would even go so far as to say that the procedure is the most powerful way to stop aging in its tracks and prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from forming.
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16. NEEDLE-LESS MESOTHERAPY No-needle high frequency mesotherapy helps with skin rejuvenation, slimming and cellulite by:
Stimulating the function of fibroblasts (collagen cells) for improved skin tone and wrinkle reduction
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17. TOK SEN Tok-Sen is an ancient Thai Massage that involves the use of a special wooden hammer to relax muscles in a rhythmically tapping motion. Tok means to hit and Sen refers to the energy pathways within the body.
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18. LEECH THERAPY / HIRUDO THERAPY Leech therapy is used for patients with stagnated blood and energies, varicose veins, kelloids, etc., a leech is used to extract blood out of the required area and the leech releases enzymes into the body which work in removing the stagnation.
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19. BABY MASSAGE TRAINING Baby massage is a traditional Indian way of massaging the babies which has been practiced for centuries to strengthen the baby’s musculoskeletal system, immune system and to promote growth.
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Prevention rather than cure approach

Reduced stress levels
Improved feeling of overall well being
Increased energy levels
Removal of toxins from your body

Holistic approach towards treatments
Thorough understanding of the impact daily activities have on your health
Meet our Expert
Indumati Indumati

Founder of Akshar Wellness. Acupuncturist Experience of 10 years in Alternative Therapies


Certified Yoga Instructor

ADARSH varma

Martial Arts Trainer
Fitness Instructor
Blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu








Upcoming Events


Thai Yoga Therapy 60 Min 2100/-
Thai Yoga Therapy 90 Min 2900/-
Foot Reflexology 30 Min 750/-
Foot Reflexology 45 Min 1050/-
Back Reflexology 30 Min 950/-
Back Reflexology 45 Min 1150/-
Hand Reflexology 30 Min 600/-
Face Reflexology 30 Min 650/-
Head Massage 30 Min 650/-
Toksen Therapy 60 Min 1500/-
Chinese Facial 850/-
Ayurvedic Facial 1500/-
Pedicure + Foot Reflexology 30 Min 1150/-
Acupuncture Consultation 200/-
Acupuncture 500/-
Detox Care (Far Infrared Sauna) 1000/-
Air Pressure Therapy 600/-
Cavitation (Spot Reduction) 1500/-
Meso Therapy 1500/-
Oxygen Therapy 700/-
HIFu-Face Lifting 4000/-
Physiotherapy 500/-
Hot chair 300/-
Dorn Therapy 1000/-
Leech Therapy
Snail Facial
Yoga Mix Marshal Arts / BJJ Classes
Hijama / Fire Cupping

The Akshar Wellness Center and its employees cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury you may suffer due to any event or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. The Akshar Wellness Center and its employees will endeavour to guide you to optimum wellbeing. We offer Complementary therapies which cannot replace your regular treatments.