Akshar Wellness Center

Akshar Wellness is an alternative therapy clinic located at kothaguda, Hyderabad. We help people address medical and lifestyle related issues using natural non-invasive methods like Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibution, Reflexology, Acupressure, Tuina, Shiatsu etc.

Most of the problems which people face today are due to stress and hectic schedules meeting deadlines day in and day out. In times like this it is not easy to unwind and let the body heal naturally. Lack of time and lack of mind space result in over exertion that surface as health problems.

Akshar Wellness plays the role of a facilitator in helping the body find its natural pace using the age old methods to restore balance of energy.

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01. CUPPING Cupping therapy is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on the movement of blood, energy and fluids in order to remove stagnation and ease movement, eliminating tightness in the muscles.
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02. ACUPRESSURE Acupressure is a form of alternative therapy. Acupoints are areas on the body which alter energy as required and pressure is applied on these points using fingers, palms, elbows, probes and electric stimulation.
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03. THAI YOGA THERAPY Thai Yoga Therapy is a dynamic bodywork therapy which integrates traditional thai massage and yoga to ease movement and aid in lymphatic drinage and local blood circulation.
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04. REFLEXOLOGY Foot Reflexology is an integration of massage and acupoints on the feet, working for correcting simple ailments and balancing energy in other parts of the body, by applying pressure with thumb, finger and hand techniques.
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Prevention rather than cure approach

Reduced stress levels
Improved feeling of overall well being
Increased energy levels
Removal of toxins from your body

Holistic approach towards treatments
Thorough understanding of the impact daily activities have on your health
Meet our Expert
Indumati Indumati

Founder of Akshar Wellness. Acupuncturist Experience of 10 years in Alternative Therapies


Certified Yoga Instructor

ADARSH varma

Martial Arts Trainer
Fitness Instructor
Blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu








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The Akshar Wellness Center and its employees cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury you may suffer due to any event or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. The Akshar Wellness Center and its employees will endeavour to guide you to optimum wellbeing. We offer Complementary therapies which cannot replace your regular treatments.